Saturday, December 21, 2019

Causal Ditermism in the Movie Groundhog Day - 1964 Words

What does it mean to have free will when one cannot choose the environment in which they live in? Because the environment in which one lives in shapes their beliefs and practices, how is it they are morally responsible for their actions and decisions when they are not in control of the environment they live in? Causal determinism is a belief that everything that happens is completely caused by whatever happened before it. Furthermore determinism implies if the conditions under which one made a choice were precisely the same, one could not have done otherwise (Kamber). While it is difficult to argue against causal determinism there is still freedom to reflect on possible alternatives before acting. Though, the question is not whether one†¦show more content†¦These laws are 1. In the absence of external forces, a body in motion will stay in motion 2. Force is equal to the mass of an inert object multiplied by the acceleration of that body 3. Any external influence on a body causes an equal and opposite reaction from the body These laws reveal the mechanical properties of the world and these properties laid the foundation for classic mechanics. Furthermore, these properties will always hold true and they coincide with the deterministic theory that the same causes produce the same effects. Ravil Kalmycov, with the advent of the Ring of Determinism, noted these strict laws created by Newton can be generalized to encompass a wide range of phenomena. The laws provided by Newton only encompass inertia which is a mechanical display of internal determining origins. Kalmycov, in order to encompass the diverse displays of this origin, generalized the laws in the following ways: 1. â€Å"In the absence of external influences, the separate natural formation retains its condition or continues motion, function, behavior, development under the influence of its own internal determination. 2. The more strongly (of higher power) its own internal determining origin is expressed (developed), the greater external effort that must be applied to this movement (life, behavior, development) to induce change. 3. Any external influence on a separate natural formation causes a corresponding reaction, as long as it keeps

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